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SAFOP Lathes

SAFOP is a world leader in the design and manufacture of precision medium and large horizontal lathes for the maintenance of railway rolling stock .

GAC Rail has long been associated with the company through its global role in maintaining a wide range of machine tools from various manufacturers that are essential in keeping the railways of the world on track and operating efficiently.

So it is with great pleasure that GAC Rail can now announce that it has been appointed as exclusive agents for the sales and technical support of SAFOP Lathes in the UK.

GAC Rail have skilled trained engineers that have a vast experience in commissioning, servicing and maintaining SAFOP machines and carry comprehensive stocks of SAFOP spare parts at our service centres.

Underfloor Wheelset Lathes

SAFOP precision Underfloor Wheelset Lathes have been designed to reprofile wheelsets in situ without disassembly on all types of rolling stock, using the most up-to-date system for the maintenance of the modern rolling stock.

These are available as single machines that can reprofile both wheels on the same wheelset and also as a tandem version which can simultaneously machine all 4 wheels on the same bogie, dramatically reducing wheel maintenance times.

Tandem Lathes are installed in a common basement on which two single lathes are installed, one of fixed type and one of mobile type. The depot can be equipped with a Remote Control Room to operate both lathes.

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Portal Lathes

Portal Lathes are the ideal solution when there is a high productivity demand for the maintenance and machining of wheelsets that are disassembled from the bogies. SAFOP has designed and patented an automatic system for the machining of wheelset with double gauge. These lathes can also machine brake discs as required.

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Universal Floor Mounted Wheelset Lathes

The SAFOP Universal Floor Mounted Wheelset Lathes have been designed for the machining of wheelsets that have been disassembled from their bogies and can also be used for general heavy duty turning operations.

The lathes can be equipped with Two Carriages for the simultaneous machining of two wheels. A special Elevator system is available to perform the loading and unloading of the wheelset in a predetermined automatic cycle. The wheelset Driving Chuck has floating jaws which are specially designed to avoid any marking of the wheels.

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Disc Brake Lathes

These lathes are specially designed for the machining of disc brake facings on single wheelsets. The lathes are equipped with two measuring systems that detect the exact position of the disc brake and determine the precise width. The two carriages and tools can machine all disc faces in a single setup.

Probing, totally enclosed guarding and fume extraction systems are available as required.

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