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SIRMU Lathes

SIMRU's global customer base has developed by providing high technology turnkey wheel turning solutions. GAC Rail provides the sales, installation, commissioning, maintenance and after sales support for the full range of SIRMU machines. GAC Rail is the exclusive UK sales agent for SIRMU machines, from the supply of an individual lathe through to a fully automated machining process.

Vertical Lathes

The SIRMU lathe range utilises the most advanced production technologies for railway wheel machining which is available in multiple configurations for roughing, turning, finishing to drilling.

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Wheel Roughing Operations

SIRMU Railway Equipment (SRE) has an extremely stiff structure with pre-tensioned linear roller bearings to eliminate backlash, hydrostatically-fed linear guideways or roller pads that dramatically reduces production time, all of which helps to increase productivity, reduce maintenance costs and increase long term reliability.

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Wheel Finishing,Turning and Drilling Operations

After finish turning the optional B & C axis allow oil holes to be machined in a single setup.

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