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Machine Tools Spares

GAC Rail holds a range of the most commonly required spares for a wide range of machines. Parts can also be sourced for machines that are old or obsolete.

If spares are no longer available, a new precision part can be reverse engineered and manufactured.

Machine Tool Relocation

GAC Rail can relocate machine tools within an existing facility or to a new site globally. Packing, transportation and recommissioning are all part of the service.


GAC Rail has over 35 years of knowledge and experience in many areas and aspects of machine tool operation and technology. We can help customers to resolve or clarify problems they are experiencing either by telephone or with a site visit.

Machine Downtime Analysis

Independent data collection and analysis can pinpoint machine tool problems allowing solutions to be identified and implemented.

Process Time Improvement

To improve output, harsh decisions about capital expenditure may have to be made and GAC Rail can work with a customer to develop specific improvements to an existing set-up or production facility to maximise productivity and minimise production costs.

Set-up Time Reduction

Where there is a need to shorten set-up times between jobs on important pieces of equipment, we can work with the client to access work practices, propose efficiencies and refine operating procedures to speed up set-up times and maximise output.

Total Productive Maintenance

Where there is a need to create a TPM environment to ensure trouble free running of machine tools, we can work with a client to develop a detailed and controlled scheduled maintenance programme to both minimise the potential for downtime caused by breakdowns and reduce overall maintenance costs.

Project Management

When a client has a machine tool related project and requires additional or more specialised 'Project Management' skills, GAC Rail can manage both small and extensive projects within individual sites, multiple sites and across continents. GAC Rail have already undertaken many such successful projects for their portfolio of national and international clients throughout the world.

Insurance Claims

Whenever things go wrong and there is a need for knowledgeable support in terms of costs and timeframes for repairs to machines and equipment, GAC Rail can send in key personnel or teams of their most experienced Engineers to quickly create quotations for rebuilding and repairing damaged machine tools.